Few hacks on getting organic business partners

Getting team members who are here to work in network marketing…

When you start in network marketing,you are told its simple to recruit. You should talk to as many people as possoble everyday about your business opportunity. Sounds familiar,right? Tryst ke I have been there,too. I tried it and when I failed several times,I felt like quitting several times. Actually people will be interested,some will jump into the wagon and then when they are unable to also recruit,they will then throw in the towel. Thats it. QUIT

I asked myself what was really wrong? It was all becasue I was recruiting them not sponsoring instead. I was doing it the wrong way thats why I was also tired and felt like quitting.

I got the difference when I started my mentoring sessions with Doris Essiet early this year and that when she highlighted on recruiting versus sponsoring and I made my research.

How to then sponsor?

Lets now dig into strategies for sponsoring.

✔️If you are consistent with your business and people can feel your commitment, love & passion definitely they will be attracted to what you are doing
✔️Showing off how this business has helped you in meeting your own why & sharing your story OR another leader's story. Fact tell. Stories sell🤷🏾‍♀️

✔️Be creative when advertising or sharing about your business.

✔️Always ask your prospect(s) open ended questions...what are they doing currently? Where do they live? Any responsibilities ie family,children etc? Any hopes,aspirations,dreams for the future? Any fears?

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