Try these tips that will help you to divorce with that enemy

My lessons that I learnt in my first year in this business.

  1. Make sure you know WHY you want to be in network marketing. If you have your goals,dreams and other future endevours that you think being in this business is going…

Network marketers need to do this so as to be a magnet for their aspiring business partners

Getting team members who are here to work in network marketing…

  1. Some join just for the benefits of the product,for example one joins Superlife for the healthy benefits of the products thus eliminating medication prescribed by doctors…

You need to grab these tips that helped me to make 5 digits only from sales

  • Reading or even listening self development books has really helped me.
  • Getting a mentor to help me with my journey was a huge turn out.
  • Daily listening to affirmations
  • Stories of my fellow business partners and that of my mentor that kept…

Maybe you need to start following one (or even both)…

Nothando Dlamini

Nurseprenuer | Coach

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